Options in Year 8 and 9


Students will select a Humanities and Design option in Year 8 in order to start studying it for GCSE in Year 9. This will be discussed with parents at the Parent Tutor Meeting. Year 9’s will select their GCSE options that will be studied from Year 10 onwards. There will be an Options Evening for parents and students to attend in order to gather the information needed to make the decision. Please see the Options Booklet and forms on the right.  There is a paper form that can be posted to school or an online version that will be submitted immediately (click on link).

Careers Ambassadors


We have several Careers Ambassadors whose job it is to support and develop the careers education programme alongside the Careers Coordinator. The Ambassadors are available for students to talk to as they can offer help and point others in the right direction. 

Study Group

Work Experience


All students in Year 10 will partake in one week of work experience during the summer term. Students have several PSHE lessons at the end of Year 9 in order to plan and prepare for securing a placement.  Students are given packs to take home and share with parents so that they are involved in the process. Students are expected to have secured a placement independently by the October half-term in Year 10 so that the school has time to complete the necessary risk assessment in sufficient time. If a new pack is needed, please contact the Work Experience Coordinator (see Contacts section).

Students Sitting on Staircase

Career Exploration


Students research career options and pathways using programmes that are purchased and specialised. Below are links to those that they use (students have logins to access them).

Students can also gain information about various pathways from this useful guide…

Click here to download

Future Plans Page


Each year students are expected to review their career plans by completing their ‘Future Plans’ section on their Ello page. This is normally done as part of their careers lessons and is available for students, staff, tutors and parents to view. The image on the right is what this page looks like.

Careers Convention


Each year, we host a Careers Convention for our Year 11 students.  The aim of the event is to expose students to various career paths and to provide them with information should they wish to follow that path.  A variety of providers are invited from higher education establishments, to apprenticeship providers, to employers who offer training routes.  The purpose is to encourage student and provider/employer engagement in order to raise aspirations.  Parents are also invited after school should they wish to discuss pathways with providers.

Labour Market Information (LMI)


Looking at the local labour market information can be useful as it provides data on industries and careers that are growing or declining.  This may influence student choices about pathways to choose, for example a careers in an up and coming industry will have many more opportunities than one without.

Guide to the labour market in the West Midlands

Labour Market Information

Independent Careers Advice


Mrs Lawson is the school Career Adviser who interviews all Year 11 students and provides group talks for Year 10.  She is also available at every parents evening for parents to discuss any issues.  Students and staff can contact Mrs Lawson by email for advice and guidance (see Contacts section).